PR & Outreach

We know how to make ROI


Digital PR and outreach has become a necessity for businesses looking to build up their site and brand authority in a crowded market. Tying in seamlessly with SEO, digital PR moves beyond traditional PR by bringing in high quality links that not only reach your target audience but also greatly impacts the authority of your site when ranking in search results.

Analytically driven, our digital PR strategy helps you reach niche audiences who are eager to engage with your content by connecting with industry influencers who have built up a high site authority. This results in increased referral, branded search, and direct traffic.

Identify Targets& Audience Analysis

We dive deep into industry influencers in the space using tools such as Cision to identify which influencers have the site authority and following needed to increase your businesses rankings which also place your product or service in front of a highly engaged audience. Understanding the behavior of your key influencers’ audiences, demographics and interests allow our team to identity opportunities that work to build both SEO authority and brand awareness.

Craft Compelling Pitch Angles

We work closely with you to identify pitch angles that will resonate with influencers when we reach out. We are experts at digging deep to highlight news-worthy aspects of your business’s story. Our in-depth list building process ensures that when we reach out to editors and bloggers we have all the information needed to craft a pitch specific to their interests.

Secure Coverage

Over the years we’ve built close relationships with editors and are in constant communication with bloggers across a variety of industries. Relationships like these help ensure that we are able to get coverage from high quality online publications as we work to build up your site’s domain authority.

Campaign Optimizations

As we go out with pitches, we are constantly optimizing and tweaking our strategy to find the angle that receives the highest amount of engagement and secured coverage. Diving into advanced analytics we are able to optimize all campaigns and iterate our strategy as we move forward.